Monday morning………..

Having done the normal chores at home before leaving for work (well some of them -actually not many of them) I made my way into work.

On a good run I can do door to door in 12 minutes.

What a result – forgot the schools were on holiday so my journey through Chobham was a breeze.

Arrived at work in 12 minutes and what a result found a parking space straight away. No double parking. Then remembered how few of us would be at work today. No not because it was just a Monday morning – this was going to unusually quiet…just Matt, Stan, Gary and myself.

Matt is already here “Morning Matt”, Stan follows shortly and then Gary wanders past my desk eating his obligatory bowl of cereal. I finish my blueberries in the hope they will make me feel healthier!

Now for tea. I offer to make it -what a result. Gary doesn’t drink tea. Stan always makes his own coffee so it’s only Matt and I. Tea no sugar for Matt and a rather large mug of green tea and nettle for me (in the hopes that this too will make me feel healthier)!

Now to check the bank and see who has paid……………… to be continued……………

In trepidation !!

Asked by Sarah recently what the highlight of my year at EGD has been I suppose, as Accountant, I should really say things like a successful audit etc…etc.

2009 hasn’t yet finished and I am full of trepidation for part our forthcoming Christmas outing on Wednesday. If I succeed with the mission set…………….that will be my personal highlight of the year. I am hoping the EGD team will help me through it!!

I should start with my experience last year. As part of our Christmas outing we went to Kew Gardens and as part of that, several of the team went on the Tree Top Walk. I didn’t!! In the past I have been o.k. with heights etc. but recently the whole idea has become very scary. O.K I thought be honest, “I don’t like heights – I’ll try”. I got to the first step of the Tree Top Walk and then retreated, hastily.

This year we have another good Christmas outing planned except I am really being tested. As part of the outing Jeremy has booked a trip on the London Eye.

Firstly I have to step into the pod which I fully appreciate is TRANSPARENT I know travels very very SLOWLY, very very HIGH, in a very very ENCLOSED SPACE with ABSOLUTELY NO WAY OUT!! (Please do not expect a tweet from me at this stage).

My personal highlight will be to survive this experience with help from the team (and a large glass of white wine or two once released from the pod).