2011 English Amateur Championship

The Marquess Course and Duchess at Woburn Golf & Country Club will be hosting the 2011 English Amateur Championship.

One of Golf World’s Dream 18 – The 7th on The Marquess Course: 509 yards (par five)

Why should you play it?
It is a stunning ‘should I shouldn’t I?’ hole. It mixes brain and brawn in one theatrical par five. It has become the signature hole of Woburn’s most recently opened course and with good reason. Framed by tall pines, the fairway is split by a narrow stretch of spindly trees and then dips and climbs to the green. Evocative and thoughtful.

If you take the high road and stay left of the trees it will be a genuine three-shotter, but the brave may just want to boom one down the ‘low road’ to the right, The hole will toy with your mind and shot-making ability, as the green is reachable if you are very long and very straight off the tee. Are you brave enough!