A Day in the Life

8am – Cup of tea, check Monty’s and Goosen’s fan email, they range from corporate golf days, design enquiries to autographs and endorsement requests. Check the press for any news stories. With all the recent Ryder Cup speculation around Monty there is always plenty to look through.

9am – Cup of tea, onto the main task of the day which is drawing up green details for a new project in Cyprus.

10am – Take a phone call from the European Tour to update the Tented Village plan for the Portugal Masters, needs to be done by lunch so plan can go to the printers for inclusion in the event brochure.

10.45am – Cup of tea, back to the green details.

1pm – Lunch, Waitrose ready meal.

1:30pm – Cup of tea, computer problem, fix laptop with network card issue.

2:30pm – Cup of tea, back to green details.

4:00 – 4:15pm – Break for a cup of tea.

4:15 – 6:30pm – Finish green details and onto some IT maintenance and backups, EGD’s file system is now over 1 terabyte.

7:30pm – Fill in the days timesheet over a can of beer.

8pm – Leave for home.