The Golf Course at King Abdullah Economic City

In the ‘developing’ Saudi Arabian Golf market, it is fundamental to create a golf course that is challenging, fair and enjoyable for golfers of all ability. It must ensure that golf holes have an alternate means of play and that the golfer is constantly confronted with different options and decisions as to how to play a particular hole with respect to their skill level of play.

Thus, the Golf Course at King Abdullah Economic City – Resort Cove will embrace the classic strategic elements of the world’s most enduring golf courses and bring them together in a layout filled with risk-and-reward choices and opportunities for creative and varied shot making.

The Golf Course is a par 72 layout with two loops of nine holes. Both nine hole loops start and finish at the centrally located Clubhouse. The course will be played from a Back Tee length of 6906 yards. Medal Tee, Regular Tee and Forward Tee positions would play from 6464 yards, 5960 yards and 5173 yards.

A feature element of the Golf Course development will be the Golf Course Academy, featuring a ‘state of the art’ teaching facility, accompanied by extensive fully-lit practice areas for the Long and Short Range Tees, Practice Fairway, and Putting, Chipping and Bunker green complexes.

The golf course design elements will be characterized by relatively gently undulating fairways and deep grass-faced style bunker hazards. A special landscape feature will be the design of large expansive waste bunkers and ‘wadi-like’ hazards that exhibit a ‘desert character’ on the golf course, reflecting the similar desert character of the Saudi Arabian landscape. The waste bunker and ‘wadi’ features have been designed to encroach into the fairway, and the interface between grass and desert will be detailed to give the utmost aesthetic appeal to the golfing landscape.

Water features on a golf course can provide the most dramatic moments in golf and are featured on both nine hole loops. There will be no ‘forced’ carries across water, but rather a heroic design intent, always providing an alternate route around the water hazard, but at a significant disadvantage or challenge for the next golf shot. The four prominent water features, constructed out of the most beautiful natural dark ‘volcanic’ rock, will be one of the ‘stand – out’ features of the golf course.

To further complement the natural beauty of the site’s magnificent setting on the Red Sea coast line, the landscape character across the golf course will be characterized by special areas of treatment. The Clubhouse and Academy will be characterized by a landscape setting rich in indigenous tree and shrub plantings similar to the surrounding built development. A desert landscape setting will be developed for the golf holes that feature the waste bunker hazards while golf holes with water features will provide an ‘oasis’ setting of relevant landscape plantings.

‘The Golf’ at the King Abdullah Economic City – Resort Cove will be exciting and challenging.

‘The Golf Course’ will be bold and beautiful.

But most importantly, for golfers of all abilities, ‘The Experience’ will be enjoyable and fun!

  • KAEC - Shaping of the par 4 - 6th hole
  • KAEC - The Client trying out the par 4 - 5th drive
  • KAEC - Views of the par 4 - 15th hole from the turning point marker. A spectacular setting with the Red Sea as the backdrop
  • KAEC - Construction of the par 4 - 5th hole. In the distance construction of the residential villas takes place